Mission & Vision

Objectives :

1. Raise enough money [$500 hundred thousand US] to buy a plot of land and build a school in Rajbari and Magura for 500 children in each location for primary / secondary / pre-university education + vocational skills training.

2. Continue to provide food, shelter, clothing, education and medical care to the children under the care of The Rahmatunnesa Shikkha Unnayan Foundation (RSUF) Project.

3. Find ways and means to generate revenue so that The Rahmatunnesa Shikkha Unnayan Foundation (RSUF) Project can, over the time, become financially self-sufficient.

4. Inculcate in the children at a young age a caring concern for the environment through programmers like neighborhood clean-up day, installing water wells for the community, setting up public lavatories for the community, shower facilities, tree-planting, solar panels, clean up the lakes .

5. Open a Medical Center for the under privileged and have-nots.

Future Goals :

Rahmatunnessa Shikkha Unnayan Foundation is a fully Non-Government Voluntary Organization. Following are the aims and objectives:

Bring unity among the poor, illiterate, underprivileged and oppressed people for socio-economic emancipation through social mobilization and awareness creation.

Development of leadership and human resources through education, training, workshop, seminar and experience sharing.

Encourage the poor people to take up income generation activities as per their need to increase their own income.

Provide training for skills development and creation of employment.

Eradication of illiteracy from among the poor people and their future generation through Illiteracy Crush Program take program for ensure their quality education by giving support for continuing their education.

Establishment of institution to create unity and leadership among the poor and illiterate people.

Encouragement of the people to grow savings habit for creation of small capital.

Motivation among the people to take up health and family planning measures for better health and to control explosion of the population bomb in Bangladesh.

Supply of tube-well, make arsenic test, and distribute latrine sets for development of health and hygiene. Provide counseling for changing of food habit and nutritional food preparation.

Maintenance of balanced environment by rising up tree plantation activities and encourage people to plant and grow more trees.

Arrangement and organizing village festival, experience sharing gathering, sports and game and recreational activities, etc. through local or national cultural events.

Taking up emergency activities during natural disasters.

Construction of roads, culverts, bridge, etc. to develop the communication in the project area.

Taking up activities in the context to the national plan and the plan of NGOs.

Taking up activities during the crises time for the poor people.

Vision :

A poverty free, educated and peaceful society.

Swiftly reacting to shelter, clothing, food and medical needs

Educating to open doors and opportunities

Helping families be self-sufficient

Using local economy (Agriculture) and providing support longevity